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The StarWalker Red Gold-plated Metal can be a factor of beauty, with red-colored gold-plated fittings outlined with black lacquer and gem-cut etchings over the body. Getting a made by hand 14K gold nib assigned with the brand's distinctive translucent StarWalker cap, this is often a writing instrument with many different flair. Also offered in the Red Gold-plated Metal version, the range could be acquired just like a fountain pen getting a good 14K gold nib, a fineliner together with a ballpoint pen. To celebrate the production in the new StarWalker Red Gold-plated Metal line, Montblanc Starwalker Red Gold-plated Metal Replica Pen has furthermore created a passionate Facebook Application due to its tech-savvy fans. While using "Your Moment of Gold" application, you are in a position to upload a picture or photograph of just about anything special for you personally, which will then will "gold-plated" with the application that you ought to share with your family and pals.

MontBlanc Starwalker Red Gold plated Metal Replica Pen

Who creates any longer? Well, if you are still a believer within the hands-written thanks note or letter, you're within our camping. Nothing states class just like a well-written (and legible) note to state you aren't just likely to send an e-mail that can take thirty seconds to type. And just what more motivation do you want rather than write that note by having an instrument such as the best Montblanc Starwalker Red Gold-plated Metal Replica Pen.

The pen, itself, is really a factor of beauty. Rich in-finish red-colored gold and crisp gemstone-cut lines in your body and finish cap, this iteration from the Starwalker lines are unique enough to command a large cost: $1,160. With hands-crafted 14K red-colored gold within the nib along with a beautiful floating Montblanc emblem within the transparent dome, it isn't some run-of-the-mill high quality Montblanc Starwalker Red Gold-plated Metal Replica Pen. It is also not something give loan to a pal so he is able to doodle throughout the boring seminar you're both stuck at.

Better still, Montblanc will award 5 most creative "Your Moment of Gold" designs getting a cheap Montblanc Starwalker Red Gold-plated Metal Pen, and many types of contest contributions will probably be shown on the "Golden Milestone" collage round the Montblanc Page. Have a great time!

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